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National security requires energy security, Vets4Energy's Pennsylvania chairman says

Vets4Energy is promoting energy independence for America, an issue U.S. military veterans are principally interested in for national security reasons, Tony Caldarelli, chairman of the Pennsylvania Vets4Energy chapter, said. Caldarelli said that when he went to Iraq in 2004, there were a lot of good reasons to be involved in the Middle East and one of them was because we needed their energy. Read More »

Vets4Energy stresses national security in urging Congress to lift federal ban on crude oil exports

Vets4Energy, a U.S. military veterans group advocating for energy policies to sustain the country's national security, met Oct. 1 with dozens of legislators to promote Senate action to lift the ban on U.S crude oil exports. The group stressed the significance of sound energy policies to boost national security in meetings with 50 U.S. Senators and dozens of House members. Read More »