THE DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY: TTO Virtual Proposers Day Calls for New Ideas to Answer National Security Priorities

DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office is hosting a Virtual Proposers Day June 6 and 7 to provide information through pre-recorded videos about TTO’s goals and areas for investment in advance of a mid-June release of the 2018 Disruptive Capabilities for Future Warfare Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Read More »

AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL: Firing Blanks: Why the Current Focus on Guns in Schools Won’t Solve the School Safety Debate

After every school shooting tragedy, the same gun debates rage in America, pitting gun control advocates against Second Amendment supporters. But this frequently-heated debate unfortunately overshadows solutions that might bring Americans together; common sense measures to makes schools safer that get obscured by the shouting match over gun ownership. Read More »