Mann highlights missile defense prior to symposium

Lt. Gen. David Mann, commanding general for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command, recently assured those attending the 18th annual Space and Missile Defense Symposium that the military is ensuring space and missile defense for the war fighter.

"The organizations that I represent have a wide variety of mission sets and support a number of ongoing operations while exploring new and emerging technological advances," Mann said. "Space and missile threats posed by our adversaries have expanded and become more numerous and complex, not only in the area of ballistic and cruise missile systems, but also in the development of emerging technologies like hypersonic or hyper-glide weapon systems, anti-satellite technologies, cyber threats and the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems."

He also discussed how ballistic missile capabilities of adversaries are increasing both in terms of quantity and quality and how missiles and long-range rockets represent an asymmetric threat.

"The proliferation of missile technology and the ability of our adversaries to affect our space systems is a serious problem," Mann said. "But as always, I am confident in the ability of many organizations to leverage the right resources, technologies and people to address the threat. Despite current fiscal constraints, the partnership of Department of Defense, industry, academia and partner nations is powerful."