Kerry discusses Iran nuclear efforts on anniversary of plan's implementation

Courtesy of the IAEA
Secretary of State John Kerry discussed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, a country that previously had intensive nuclear weapons, on the anniversary of the plan's implementation.

Kerry recently discussed the efforts Iran has made thus far in regards to scaling back their nuclear power in a news release. “We mark an historic understanding that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and demonstrated the power of sustained, principled, multilateral diplomacy to address major international challenges,” Kerry said in the release.

“There is no doubt that the deal is working and all participants are keeping their commitments,” Kerry said.

Since the signing of the deal with Iran, the European Union and the P5+1 (the U.S, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany), Iran has significantly shipped out a large amount of their deadly weapons. This includes 98 percent of their uranium and centrifuges, the release said. In addition to those efforts, Iran has also taken action on conducting more severe safety inspections and has since filled one reactor with concrete.

With Iran’s signature on this contract formed last year, they agreed to rigorous requirements in which they’ve kept. In doing that, and by conducting business in a civil manner, this progress has required neither combat troops to be deployed nor any wartime, the release said.

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