Army gives green light to Protonex to produce power management system

Ballard Power Systems said a field power management system created by its subsidiary, Protonex Technology Corp., was recently approved by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO-Soldier) agency, responsible for speedy procurement of equipment for soldiers.

The Army recent authorization is for the Mobile Soldier Power Program of Record to advance to full rate production status along with a package of devices including the Protonex Squad Power Manager Kit (SPM-622) and wearable batteries, power and data apparatus, a Ballard release said. The “tough, versatile and agile” SPM-622 system has the capacity to power medical, communications and technological devices, according to Ballard.

The new status enables technological advances in on-field apparatus to benefit soldiers’ mobility and flexibility. The SPM-622 system meets rigorous standards required by the U.S. Army for field operations, including reliable power supply, lightweight load and decreased logistical issues, augmented energy independence and overall heightened operational efficacy, the release said.

"With the digitization of the battlefield, the U.S. military identified a capability gap in energy and power management for its increasing array of electronic devices," Protonex President Paul Osenar said in the release. "Our Squad Power Manager is one of the solutions that fill this gap.”

Protonex Technology Corporation provides power management and fuel cell solutions for portable, remote and mobile applications; Ballard Power Systems delivers cost-saving clean energy, also specializing in fuel cell programs.

“Lightening the load of troops by eliminating many of the batteries, adapters and chargers they carry was a requirement that we identified years ago,” Osenar said in the release. “We are excited to work with the Army to provide innovative and practical power solutions."